Our Products

Covering a wide range of applications, our PVC-foams are produced on continuous rolls, in thicknesses from 1 mm up to 30 mm and in different grades and densities.

The standard production width is 200 cm net. The standard delivery width is 100 cm net. Other ways of splitting up the 200 cm production width are exceptionally possible, depending on the width required. The standard roll length depends on the foam thickness. Special requests can be considered as far as feasible.

Our PVC-foams move on to converters who, according to their own line of business, turn these into market-ready grades, shapes and sizes. Converting may include glue coating, die-cutting, punching, splitting and other specific treatments and finishings. The converter’s result finds its way to various industries such as automotive, construction, electronics and many others.

The eventual use determines the specific available qualities, such as water seals and e.g. heat-resistant, self-extinguishing or extra sticky foam. It is also possible to supply foam with e.g. a hard PVC top layer or reinforcing tissues.

All our PVC-foams are by nature self-extinguishing and most qualities meet the FMVSS 302 standard. On request a non-burning execution can be delivered.

Furthermore, our PVC-foams are high frequency weldable, noise absorbing and heat insulating.

Our standard colours are black (anthracite), white, light grey and brown. PVC-foam with hard top layer Other colours are available for minimum quantities depending on the colour itself.