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Since Crown General’s PVC-foams are used for many different purposes, it goes without saying that profound studies have been carried out in the different fields of application. These studies ensure the end user of the sense of responsibility of the PVC industry and its commitment to achieve a positive balance between commercial demand and environmental acceptance.

We are well aware of the rigorous demands regarding environment and health behaviour of PVC, requested through our international customers. Therefore we co-operate very closely with our suppliers and professional organisations in order to obtain the most updated information.

Worldwide toxicology tests have proved that the elementary components of our PVC-foams as well as all other additives pose no hazard to health and environment.

Crown General


REACH = Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical Substances within the EU.

Since Crown General only produces PVC-foam on the basis of chemicals, we are not committed to the REACH regulations but our suppliers are. We asked our suppliers to register their products and to comply with all REACH regulations.

Till now all our products fulfil the REACH regulations. If however in future it appears that one of the products we use is not REACH conform, we will withdraw it and look for a substitute.

Crown General


Crown General does not have an ISO certification, but follows its own quality system with written production instructions which has been approved by the automotive industry and which passed several audits over the years.

Our products fulfil the written available technical data sheets. The usual norms (DIN, ISO, BS, FMVSS etc.) and other characteristics of these data sheets are binding. On request we deliver certificates of conformity for the delivered products.

The quality manager does the supervision during production and the quality assistants take care that all eventual abnormalities can be traced and avoided. Production reports of each production run are being kept in our archives so that we can always find out what happened.

Crown General

Customer service

Crown General is constantly aware of the need of good service

Our year-long experience and professionalism allow us to help our customers in their search for the most appropriate solution for their specific purposes. Furthermore, we can count on a solid and reliable customer portfolio.

New and existing products are tested, improved and developed to consistently high standards which conform with stringent industry regulations and high customer expectations.

Our experienced team of qualified staff ensure an effective quality control system and provide a constant back-up service.